Portimão: Pedro Amaral dominates at home in the Portuguese BMX Race Cup

Athletes from Clube Bicross de Portimão and Team BMX Quarteira were in evidence

Pedro Amaral (CBP – Clube Bicross de Portimão) won the first two stages of the BMX Race Portugal Cup, held this weekend at the Portimão track.

The men's competitions for people over 19 had the same outcome on Saturday and Sunday. Pedro Amaral, runner for the home team, was the strongest, beating “neighbor” André Martins (Team BMX Quarteira) on both days.

The junior winner was also the same in both rounds: Renato Silva (Team BMX Quarteira), cyclist still under cadet age. In cadets, Rodrigo Campino (BMX Águias de S. Gabriel Best Point) stood out in both races.

In the highest category of females, 13 to 16 years old, Rita Xufre (Núcleo Bicross de Setúbal/Knowledge Inside) was the strongest on Saturday and Sunday.

The categories of schools were those where the balance was more evident, with different winners in benjamins – Aitor Miranda (Kids Club School), on Saturday, and Gustavo Pereira (CBP – Clube Bicross Portimão), on Sunday -, beginners – Diego Reis (CBP – Clube Bicross Portimão), on Saturday, and Mateus Silva (BMX Águias de S. Gabriel Best Point), on Sunday, and in juveniles – Edi Barradas (Núcleo Bicross de Setúbal/Knowledge Inside), on Saturday, and Bernardo Rocha (AEBTT Rio/Mr. Print), on Sunday. Francisco Sousa (Team BMX Quarteira) was hegemonic in children.

Núclo Bicross de Setúbal/Knowledge Inside was the most consistent team in the first round of the Portuguese Cup, but Team BMX Quarteira triumphed in the second.

BMX returns on March 1, the date of the Grand Prix of Portugal, the first international race to take place on the Anadia Olympic Track.


The BMX track at the bicross club in Portimão