New park on the river Aljezur has already opened to the public [with photos]

Work cost 360 thousand euros

The Ribeira de Aljezur Green Park, a new leisure space, is now «available for the public to visit and enjoy».

With the work recently completed, the Municipality of Aljezur continued the redevelopment of the historic center of Aljezur, along the riverside area and created a leisure area “next to local commerce, outdoors, which will enhance the natural and cultural resources of the Aljezur town ».

For the Municipality of Aljezur, the riverside area that was renovated “will constitute a differentiating place, as it will boost local commerce, promote employment, the use of natural resources (riverside area) and demonstrate and enhance the agricultural activity of the population (small vegetable gardens, located in the fertile floodplain of Aljezur, where Aljezur Potatoes are grown, among other crops)».

The intervention, in addition to creating a new space for public enjoyment, made it possible to correct the layout of the stream, within the village.

The work cost around 360 thousand euros, with 70% reimbursement by European Union funds, through CRESC Algarve 2020.

The Municipality of Aljezur took the opportunity to announce that other actions are being developed, «such as the creation of parking spaces and the improvement of pedestrian circulation. The process for the construction of the pedestrian walkway is being finalized, where pedestrian safety is the main concern», summarizes the municipality.


Photos: Aljezur Chamber