Man arrested twice in less than 48 hours in Albufeira

First for drug trafficking and then for a pickup robbery

A man was arrested twice in less than 48 hours, once on the morning of the 2nd, Sunday, and once on Monday, first for drug trafficking and later for tore-in.

On Sunday morning, soldiers from the Territorial Subdetachment of Albufeira were called to intervene in disputes between two men, one of whom was arrested for having 21 doses of hashish and 17 dollars, which were seized from him.

On that day, the man was constituted as a defendant and released.

However, following the arrest, "it was found that the same man was heavily suspected of being the author of a robbery by tossing, which occurred on 29 January in Albufeira".

In the robbery, 1000 euros and 300 dollars in cash, personal documents and a mobile phone were stolen from two foreign citizens.

The following day, Monday, the GNR complied with arrest warrants and search and arrest warrants, detained the assailant again and recovered "the victims' personal documents and the cell phone".

The detainee was present at the Judicial Court of Albufeira yesterday and was obliged to report to the police station in his area of ​​residence twice a week.