Chamber and GNR inspect animals in camps in Olhão

Actions aimed at protecting and promoting animal welfare

The Municipality of Olhão is inspecting the existing camps in the municipality, in partnership with the GNR, to ensure the protection and promotion of animal welfare.

With these actions, the municipality of Olhão "intends to inspect and ensure compliance with the standards implemented, as well as promoting the reduction or elimination of risks likely to affect animals, people and the environment."

Basically, the aim is to ensure that the Municipal Regulation on Animal Grazing and Their Permanence and Transit in Public Space is being complied with.

«The municipality of Olhão is a pioneer, in the Algarve, in implementing a regulatory framework that, in addition to seeking to regulate the movement, permanence and abandonment of animals, also pursues objectives related to animal health and welfare standards», concluded the autarchy.