PAN accuses Olhão Chamber of relegating animal welfare to "background"

In question the collection of horses and the running over of dogs and cats

The PAN – People, Animals, Nature accused the mayor of Olhão of having denied a response to a citizen on "matters of municipal interest" and of putting the cause and animal welfare to "background".

At issue issues raised by a citizen in the Municipal Assembly on the 19th about the situation of horses in the county and the procedures to be adopted in the event of running over dogs or cats on public roads.

In response, the mayor of Olhão said he had "nothing to say in relation to the questions raised."

In the case of horses, the questions asked by citizen Alexandre Pereira were motivated by news that the Chamber of Olhão had collected 81 horses between January and December 2019.

Despite this, says the PAN, "the main questions remained unanswered", namely where the horses are currently located, what destination they had, who collected them and in what form, at what cost and in what condition the animals were.

On the other hand, the issue of running over dogs and cats on public roads was addressed. Also here, the PAN wants to know who is responsible for the collection and what procedures are adopted.

“Who collects the animal, where is it sent and in case of need for help and intervention, who ensures the treatment and bears the costs?”, they ask.

"It is important to clarify this matter, which can also include the remaining canids left to abandon in the county, which must be sterilized in order to prevent uncontrolled reproduction and accentuate a problem that is already serious in Olhão," added the PAN.

Thus, "after refusing clarification and taking into account the numerous situations and reports that come to the party's knowledge almost daily, the PAN will request a meeting with the executive of the municipality of Olhão, as a matter of urgency, in order to see clarification this and other topics of municipal interest».