Olhão and Faro negotiate more skills in riparian zones

Committees that will decide which areas will be transferred to the jurisdiction of the Chambers of Olhão and Faro have already been constituted

dock of Faro – Photo: Pablo Sabater/Sul Informação

the dock of Faro and the entire area that surrounds it, the two safe harbors in the city of Olhão and part of the Fuzeta Riverfront are some of the areas whose transfer of management from Docapesca to the municipal authority will be negotiated, within the scope of a transfer process. skills that began today.

Two government orders were published this Wednesday in the Diário da República for the constitution of as many commissions for the identification of "port and maritime areas and urban areas of tourist and economic development, not affected to economic activity" to be transferred to the municipalities of Faro quality Olhão.

The commissions were created at the request of the municipalities themselves, which intend to manage the destinations of these areas of the municipality, currently under the authority of Docapesca.

In these processes, which run in parallel, but which are separate for the two municipalities, all areas managed by this public company in the municipality are at stake "that are not strictly affected by port and fishing activities", as he revealed to the Sul Informação António Pina, mayor.

«In our case, we are talking about the entire riverside area of ​​the city and the management of contracts for the Marina and the other safe harbor, next to the T. The Fuzeta Riverfront Front and the buildings belonging to Docapesca are also being negotiated, in urban areas, as is the case of the Captaincy of the Port of Olhão, among others», explained the mayor from Olhão.

As for the part of the old fish market, located on the west side of the Fishing Port of Olhão, it is not yet certain that it will be transferred to the Chamber. “That is a matter to be discussed. But it could happen», admits António Pina.



Em Faro, the area in question "is the dock, behind the Hotel Eva and the entire area there that belongs to Docapesca, between the hotel and Portas do Mar", he told the Sul Informação Rogério Bacalhau, the president of the Faro Chamber.

"We think that this whole area could well be transferred to us, for us to manage," he added.

In this cake, neither the Commercial Port nor the concessioned part of the core of the Farol, which are managed, in both cases, by the Administration of the Port of Sines and the Algarve (APS).

«We have also already asked, but another commission will have to be created to deal with this transfer of competences, because Docapesca is under the Ministry of the Sea and Ports belong to the Ministry of Infrastructure», explained the mayor from Farense.

Here, the negotiation that will take place is only related to the concession of the nucleus of the Farol. "In our view, that is pure and hard territorial management, it has nothing to do with the management of ports".

As for the Commercial Port, «what was said is that the APS is going to develop a project there and we are going to prepare the Detailed Plan».

Both commissions are composed of representatives from the three ministries involved, Finance, Modernization of the State and Public Administration and the Sea, namely Miguel Santos, deputy general director of the General Directorate of Treasury and Finance, Telma Correia, deputy director. General Directorate of Local Authorities, and Teresa Pedro, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Docapesca — Portos e Lotas.

The committee also includes a representative of the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities, who will be Isilda Gomes, mayor of Portimão and vice-president of ANMP, as well as representatives of municipalities – Rita Pestana, in the Olhão committee, and Luís Gomes , in case of Faro.