Works at Casa do Forno restrict traffic and parking in Silves

Conditioning should last six months

the enterprise of rehabilitation of Casa do Forno, in Silves, will affect car circulation and parking in the area surrounding the work from the 20th and for six months.

As the work begins, next Monday, traffic “will be interrupted in the area surrounding the intervention at Rua Policarpo Dias and Rua da Mesquita (except loading and unloading in the last street). Additionally, the roadway at Rua Moinho da Porta will be subject to narrowing and the prohibition of parking in the construction site».

The intervention that will force these constraints is budgeted at 300 thousand euros. With its completion, the Municipality of Silves intends to «adapt the Forno building to a space for the exhibition, promotion and sale of endogenous products (wines and other products of local origin) taking advantage of the strategic location of passage, both for residents and for tourists, between the riverside and the castle».