“Cinema Miami” will pass through Alcoutim

Admission is free

Credits: Ilda Nogueira

The Community Theater Group – Quarteira Fora da Caixa will take the show Cinema Miami, on January 18, at 21:30 pm, to Espaço Guadiana (Alcoutim).

Inspired by the old cinema in Quarteira and the current Algarve, Cinema Miami «is a critical and entertaining comedy, which tells the story of a community that sees its cinema close due to the construction of a hole to discover oil», reads the synopsis .

Admission to the show is free.

Quarteira Fora da Caixa is a community project of Colectivo JAT, composed of members of the Quarteira community, neighbors-actors and neighbors-actresses of all ages, who make the stage a space for meeting, reflection, social criticism and artistic expression.

The tour of this show has the support of the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve.