New microchips allow better identification of lost animals in Faro

Microchips were handed over to the county's police authorities with powers in the area of ​​animal inspection (PSP, GNR and Maritime Police)

The Municipality of Faro delivered, this Thursday, January 30, three readers of microchips to the county's police authorities, which “will allow a quicker identification in the case of animals – cats, dogs or horses – if they are lost or stolen”.

The formal delivery took place within the scope of the signing of a protocol that took place this morning at the new Canine Park of União das Freguesias de Faro, space with 1500 square meters located in Alto de Santo António, and also had a demonstration of the operation of equipment for identifying animals.

With these devices, the authorities are now able to identify the owner, the address, contacts, the registration of the rabies vaccine or possible previous aggressions against the animal. O microchip it has a code that can only be read through a reader, thus enabling its immediate identification - if the animal is registered with microchip.

"The measure is part of a strategy to combat abandonment and mistreatment of animals" and will allow "a faster identification by the authorities in the case of animals - cats, dogs or horses - if lost or stolen," explained Rogério Bacalhau , mayor of Faro.

«The important thing is that people register their animals, because if something happens and they have chips, the respective owners can easily be found», added Rogério Bacalhau, adding that the Municipality will promote an awareness campaign on this issue.



Registration of domestic animals with microchip it is, moreover, mandatory since October 2019.

Marco Viegas Martins, PSP district commander of Faro, thanked the delivery of the device and acknowledged that «this is a very sensitive issue for the PSP, since there are many occurrences involving animals, whether due to mistreatment or noise issues, which is an area of ​​activity that occupies a lot time and means” to that security force.

Pedro Oliveira, commander of the Territorial Command of the GNR of Faro, highlighted the signing of a protocol that "aimed at the work of several entities together for the same purpose and to help deter animal abandonment".

Fernando Rocha Pacheco, commander of the Zona Marítima do Sul, also highlighted the delivery of the reader of microchips on the part of the Municipality, which will allow that authority to fulfill its competences in the best way possible and “ensure the safety of people, goods and animals”.