Faro reclassifies Quinta do Eucalipto and Igreja do Montenegro street

Works will cost more than 400 euros

The works to improve the streets and water network of the Quinta do Eucalipto urbanization and to improve Rua da Igreja, both in the parish of Montenegro, in Faro, are already underway and will cost 400 thousand euros to the Chamber.

In the case of the work being carried out at Quinta do Eucalipto, the objective is to restore the ideal conditions for circulation in the urbanization, «with interventions in Rua Almada Negreiros, Rua Florbela Espanca, Rua Teixeira Gomes, Praceta David Ferreira, Rua Fernando Pessoa and Rua Alberto Silva», according to the Chamber of Faro.

In this case, the work will cost 217 euros and will have a completion period of 120 days.

«At the same time, the services of the municipal company FAGAR are carrying out work to replace the oldest water supply network (over 40 years old) in the area, in an intervention that will reach 110 branches. The objective of this project, worth 144 thousand euros, is to reduce losses, reduce disruptions and ensure that the water supply is made with a stabilized and standardized pressure", according to the Chamber of Faro.



Also underway is the contract for the improvement of Rua da Igreja, in Montenegro, «which aims to remodel that artery in terms of paving and levelling, also including the execution of sidewalks and intervention in the rainwater infrastructure, in the network of public lighting and telephone infrastructure'.

The work will cost around 73 thousand euros and, according to the Chamber of Faro, will help «to improve car and pedestrian circulation conditions in the parish, increasing safety and comfort levels for vehicles and pedestrians».

The Chamber of Faro underlined that this is another effort «to improve the public space of the parish and the municipality, evident in a series of interventions launched under the municipal program “Faro Requalify”».