Congelagos processed 6 tons of fish in the last 4 months of 2019 alone

The company celebrated the successful launch with shipowners, fishermen, representatives of associations and Docapesca

The company Congelagos SA processed 6 tons of fish in the last four months of 2019 alone. The processed species include mackerel, horse mackerel, sardines and octopus.

The Battaglia Group company, headquartered in Odiáxere (Lagos) celebrated last Saturday the success in launching the factory and the conclusion of the first campaign. The company was inaugurated on March 22 last year, in a ceremony presided over by the Minister of the Sea, Ana Paula Vitorino, how did the Sul Informação in reporting.

After a period of commissioning, the most advanced factory of its kind in Portugal started operations last September.

“Congelagos is based on a close relationship of trust with our main partners — the best shipowners in the country. We are grateful for the presence of all of you here today. This event is a clear testimony that we are on the right path,” said João Pimenta, CEO of Congelagos, at the opening of the celebration, addressing the shipowners present.

The shipowners, in turn, expressed their frank satisfaction with the partnership with Congelagos. “In 2019, Congelagos was the salvation of all mackerel fishing,” exclaimed Abílio Santos, owner and master of the Poem of the Sea, a siege vessel affiliated with Opcentro, an association of shipowners based in Peniche.

Miguel Cardoso, president of OlhãoPesca, described Congelagos as “a breath of fresh air”, referring to the value
created in 2019 for its members.

“At the factory inauguration in March 2019, we said that Congelagos had been built for you,” said Nuno Battaglia, Chairman, addressing the shipowners and fishermen present. “Some at the time doubted it. Today there is no doubt”.

“We will continue to invest in increasing capacity, expanding into new markets and developing products that meet the unmet needs of sophisticated consumers such as Italians and Japanese,” said Battaglia.

“Our focus for 2020 will be quality,” he continued. “But this is an effort that requires the focus of everyone, including shipowners, fishermen and Docapesca itself. Quality starts in the water, even before the fish is hauled aboard”.

The event, held at the local sports club, was attended by shipowners, fishermen, representatives of associations and Docapesca. Lunch included an Algarve sardine, much appreciated by those present, with frozen sardines from Congelagos.

Congelagos SA is the first company in the market – fish producer, with a focus on small pelagics. Inaugurated in 2019, it received support from the Mar2020 program, funded by the EU and the Portuguese Government.


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