Vila do Bispo Council gives Raposeira Cemetery to Parish Council

Board becomes responsible for the management and maintenance of the cemetery

The Raposeira Cemetery, located in Sargaçal, was donated by the Vila do Bispo Council to the local Parish Council, which will become responsible for the management and maintenance of this space.

The deed of donation of this infrastructure was signed yesterday by the presidents of the Town Hall of Vila do Bispo and the Parish Council of Vila do Bispo and Raposeira, Adelino Soares and Dino Lourenço, respectively, formalizing the transfer of this competence.

«The City Council took the decision to donate this municipal equipment, after having made a significant investment in its construction and maintenance, as well as following the wish expressed by the Parish Council to receive the aforementioned cemetery. It should also be mentioned that this process has been awaiting an outcome for nearly two decades», according to the Vila do Bispo Chamber.