Art “For Peace, Against Nuclear Weapons” is shown in Aljezur

Exhibition is promoted by the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation

The plastic arts exhibition “For Peace, Against Nuclear Weapons” will be on display from February 21st to March 14th at the municipal gallery “Espaço+”, in Aljezur.

According to the CPPC – Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation, which organizes the exhibition in partnership with PAS – Peace and Art Society and the municipality of Aljezur, «taking into account what a nuclear war would represent, global nuclear disarmament is a central issue in the defense of peace, for the survival of the human species and the maintenance of life on Earth as we know it today».

“The presence of nuclear weapons in the arsenals of some countries is a threat to each one of us, to the peoples, to all living beings on the planet. Never had such a threat existed until the advent of the military use of nuclear energy,” they add.

The rejection of nuclear weapons is the common denominator of the works that will be featured in this exhibition.