Siza Vieira and Souto Moura sign manifesto "against lack of reflection" on new bridge in Tavira

Manifesto was read yesterday at the Municipal Assembly

A manifesto «against the lack of reflection on the project of the new crossing over the Gilão river» signed by 24 architects, including Álvaro Siza Vieira, Eduardo Souto Moura and João Luís Carrilho da Graça, was read yesterday, the 10th, in the Tavira Municipal Assembly, by elements of the Tavira Semper movement.

The document was also "distributed on paper by the deputies of the assembly, by the municipal executive and by the public", which, guaranteed Tavira Semper, was "present in great weight at this meeting due to the theme in question".

The manifesto draws attention to the need for «commitment, vision, political competence and, above all, the courage to “take a step back”, we can prevent the insistence on error (of “going ahead”), by the easiest way. ».

On the other hand, say the authors of the manifesto, «it is important to reflect on the process of designing and building a bridge-viaduct for the historic center of Tavira, as well as on the changes that this operation will imply in terms of maintenance and safeguarding. of fundamental heritage, cultural and identity values, which concern not only the local population, but all those who visit it, today and tomorrow».

The manifest can be read in full here.