Silves has a budget of 51,9 million and a lot of work is planned for 2020

Chamber speaks of «balanced and healthy public finances»

Silves will have a Municipal Budget for 2020 of 51,9 million euros, a good part of which will be earmarked for «the realization of projects and works».

In 2020, the municipality will have at its disposal 4,2 million more than in 2019. «It is estimated that current revenues will reach 39,4 million euros and current expenses the value of 32,2 million euros. Capital income points to 12,5 million euros and capital expenditure (investment) to 19,7 million euros», revealed the Chamber.

This last indicator is “fundamental” for advancing works. Of these, and «by way of example only», the Municipality of Silves highlights «the Rehabilitation of the Jardim do Largo da República, the Conservation and Restoration of Ponte Velha and the Requalification of Rua Atrás dos Muros in Silves, the Urban Requalification of Ruas da Baixa Armação de Pêra – 1st phase, Requalification of the Historic Center of SB Messines, Rehabilitation of Infrastructure in Vila de Pêra, Tunes Polysports (2nd phase), Road Paving in Ribeira Baixa/Ribeira Alta and the Repaving of the Boião-Azilheira Road (2nd phase)».

The Chamber of Silves also pointed out that municipal activity «is developed and projected within a framework of balanced and healthy public finances, leveraging financial resources through the use of national funds, community funds and other external means, as well. and the use of multi-annual planning, with the ultimate objective of leveraging investment and the capacity to carry out the autarchy in the various fields of intervention».