Odeleite was Aldeia Nativity scene of flesh and bone and in Altura it has just started [with photos]

In Castro Marim, the tradition of the nativity scene is very much alive

More than 50 extras made Odeleite a “Presépio Village”, where, in addition to recreating the birth of Menino Jesus, there were artisans and producers from the municipality of Castro Marim, different artistic performances and the famous gastronomy of the time.

In Altura, there are other cribs, those of Maria José Vasques, which have been on display since yesterday, Sunday, at the local Parish Council.

On Saturday and Sunday, the event “Odeleite, Aldeia Presépio” took place, «an initiative that stands out for the focus it brings to the cultural identity of the Algarve mountains, with a prominent place for local products, such as homemade bread, honey , dried fruit or salt'.

In 2019, the street entertainment had the special participation of the Amateur Theater Group from the Center for Culture and Sports of the Castro Marim City Council and the Grupo de Cantares de Odeleite, which, in this square, «walks through the most isolated villages of the parish. interior, seeking to warm winter and Christmas for those who often live there alone».

«Hundreds of visitors visited this village which, with its simplicity and authenticity, allows you to escape the commercial turmoil that the Christmas season has become, promoting an encounter with the true Christmas spirit. With increasing participation, it is an event that promises to grow in the coming years», concluded the municipality.

The event “Odeleite, Aldeia Presépio” is organized by the Social Association of the Parish of Odeleite in collaboration with the artisans and producers of the municipality and with the support of the Parish Council of Odeleite and the Municipality of Castro Marim.


Exhibition of Nativity Scenes by Maria José Vasques


In Altura, until the 6th of January, around 100 copies of the private collection of Maria José Vasques, an art teacher and passionate about the art of making nativity scenes, can be seen.

This is, according to the vice-president of the Chamber of Castro Marim, “a unique collection”, which reminds us of the values ​​of the family and the importance of union”.

“It is an exhibition that exults in the values ​​of faith and also has a high cultural and artistic value, having unique pieces, created at the request of the collector around the world,” added Filomena Sintra.

This is an initiative of the Parish Council of Altura, supported by the Chamber of Castro Marim. The exhibition can be visited from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 am and 16:00 pm, until the Twelfth Night.


Photos: Castro Marim Chamber