Loulé returns to serving giant king cake with 150 meters

Cake will be given for free

Loulé will again serve, on January 6th, the Kings' Day, a giant king cake, measuring 150 meters. It will start at 17 pm, at Praça da República.

This cake, to be made by LouléDoce, will be 150 meters long and its production will include 110 kg of flour, 22 kg of sugar, 1,6 kg of salt, 22 kg of eggs (38 dozen), 14 kg of margarine, 50 kg of chopped candied fruit, 100 kg of candied fruit for decoration, 50 kg of dried fruit (sultanas, almonds, figs and walnuts), 2 kg of flavoring drinks and 1,6 kg of yeast.

This initiative will feature two musical moments that are also part of the tradition of the Kings: the performance of Charola das Barreiras Brancas – AGAL and the Charola of Banda Musical de Tavira.

The Giant King Cake is intended to be a form of commemoration of the Kings' Day, which, according to Christian tradition, was the one in which the newborn Jesus Christ received the visit of the Three Magi.

«It is an indispensable delicacy in this court, full of symbolism and that the municipality, free of charge, wants to share with its community».