Board applauds boats all year round for the Farol, but also wants for the Hangars and Culatra

Parish Union of Faro also applaud new wharf in Hangares

The Parish Union of Faro (UFF) applauds and "recognizes" the installation of a new pier in Hangares and the extension of boat lines to the center of the Farol from Culatra Island, from the Algarve capital, during the winter, but wants the company responsible for the careers to take its efforts further.

In a press release, the municipality of Faro welcomed the operator's decision to keep travel to the Farol throughout the year, but hopes "that this important advance will be the first step, to carry out regular boat careers, also for Culatra and Hangares, as was discussed and approved in a motion in the last Parish Assembly".

However, Docapesca, with the authorization of the Navy, installed a new pier in the Hangares nucleus, which now allows this fishing nucleus to have decent and safer access to passenger transport vessels.

«This was a pretension that this municipality had because, we believe, that our barrier islands have excellent beaches, there are numerous activities that can be developed here, not only in July and August, but throughout the year, for example hiking, nature tourism, enjoying the genuine local gastronomy, practicing water or sand sports, or simply walking and getting to know these housing nuclei, making no sense that the people from Faro (and those who visit us) would be impeded by the absence of public transport (in this case, a connection by sea) to enjoy the natural conditions existing in their municipality and parish», said Bruno Lage, president of UFF.

Furthermore, the mayor says, «the fact that Faro having received the certification of "Nautical Station", which makes it a city that is aimed at the sea and the nautical world, together with the increase in the flow of tourists in Faro, it also requires more demands and offers in order to have a more functional city, more hospitable, with greater maritime interaction and good accessibility, where the Ria Formosa and the barrier islands, as ex-libris of Faro and the Algarve, cannot be forgotten or neglected».