CCMar researchers launch book on fish welfare

«This is a very complete work»

Researchers from the Center for Marine Sciences (CCMar) of the University of Algarve (UAlg) have launched a new book on fish welfare.

«This is a very complete work as it approaches the theme through the observation of several species of aquaculture, study of captured fish, examples of experimental models and also took into account reviews on the assessment and improvement of the conditions of the animals», explains CCMar.

«The book contributes to our knowledge of the biology of fish species raised in aquaculture with some important discoveries about the feeling of fish (their ability to feel pain), new techniques for treating these animals and new tools to address the issue », emphasizes the researcher João L. Saraiva.

“This is an important document on recent advances and research gaps that still exist on the subject, and it testifies to the commitment of all key stakeholders to improve the well-being of fish in captivity,” says CCMar.

The book was launched at the same time as a fish welfare course, organized by the Fish Ethology and Welfare group of CCMar, which was attended by renowned international speakers and more than 50 participants from eight countries, representing various sectors of industry, universities, NGOs, oceanariums, veterinarians and government institutions, who spent three intensive days debating the subject.

These initiatives consolidate CCMar and the Fish Ethology and Welfare group as key players in research, applications and decision support consulting in the area of ​​fish welfare.

CCMar is currently leading this discipline in Portugal and already works in collaboration with the aquaculture industry internationally, aiming to expand the application of solutions for the fishing and experimentation sector.

The work can be consulted here