Faro approves regulations for awarding prizes and distinctions at the Sport Gala

The Sports Gala – Municipality of Faro it's an annual event,

The Municipal Assembly of Faro approved the proposal to amend the “Draft regulation for the attribution of prizes and distinctions of the Sport Gala - Municipality of Faro”, after the document was under public consideration, to gather suggestions, in October and November.

The Sports Gala – Municipality of Faro is an annual event, organized by the local authority, which aims to recognize, value and reward all sports agents who stood out during the sporting season, in different modalities, promoting an excellent sporting practice and contributing to the elevation of the quality of sport in Faro.

With the organization of this gala, the sporting merit of directors, coaches, athletes and other stakeholders in the field of sport is distinguished, as well as the promotion of interaction and healthy camaraderie between all those involved in the sporting phenomenon.

The approved regulation defines the criteria, competences and procedures for the attribution of prizes and distinctions, in the different categories, which will be part of the gala. For each edition, the adaptations and corrections considered relevant may be introduced to this regulation.

To Rogério Bacalhau, president of the Chamber of Faro, this is yet another measure that aims to make the decision-making process in the autarchy more transparent and objective: «it is a standardizing instrument, enhancing equity and transparency in the process, fundamental for the continuous improvement of communication with citizens».