Loulé fadistas have their gala again at the Cine-Teatro

Gala brings together fado singers from Loulé on stage

Fado singers from Loulé will take the stage at the Cine-Teatro Louletano on Sunday, the 15th, at 21:30 pm, for another Fado Dancer Gala.

«Although Loulé is not a land with great traditions in Fado, the truth is that, for some years now, young people have emerged in the municipality with great quality in this popular art, which has also gained a new lease of life with the classification of Fado as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2011», framed the Câmara de Loulé.

Among the "promising young fado singers" who helped Loulé "increasingly assert itself as a land of good interpreters of national song, not only in quantity but in quality", are André Catarino, César Matoso, Isa de Brito, and Sara Paixão.

Tickets for the show 8 euros for the general public and 6 euros for people over 65 or under 30, with the Friend Card applicable.