Diocese of Algarve provides training for wedding planners

Interested parties can still apply.

The Diocese of the Algarve will promote training aimed at wedding planners, the so-called wedding planners, to «respond to some needs of companies» engaged in this activity. The action will take place on December 17, between 10:00 and 17:00, at the Seminary of S. José, in Faro.

“This training is intended for all wedding planners and aims to make known all the procedures that are necessary for the preparation of a Catholic wedding, the documentation that is mandatory, as well as the communication channels to use to obtain the necessary authorizations. /documents”, according to the Diocese of Algarve.

On the other hand, “important information will be given to the companies, namely with regard to the entire procedure that is necessary in organizing a wedding, but also in relation to more specific issues related to the liturgy and the way in which Catholic ceremonies of marriage must take place, as is the case with the music for these celebrations».

The action will be promoted by the Pastoral de Turismo of the Diocese of Algarve, which «has been establishing a relationship with all the wedding organization companies operating in the region».

This is, moreover, the second time that this formation has been carried out, “an activity that has proved to be of great use and an important preparation tool for these agents who promote the link between the couple and the Church”.

This training offer reflects the Diocese's concern to "help in the training of these professionals, so that the ceremonies are increasingly beautiful and more correct, with regard to what the Catholic Church defines for the sacrament of marriage."

«The importance of marriages made in the Algarve by foreigners, especially from Ireland and Catholic communities in the United Kingdom, has been increasing and we are aware that this is an unavoidable reality, but that it is necessary for those seeking our region to to marry, do it accompanied by professionals who know and can enforce the rules that the Catholic Church provides for these ceremonies», explains Father Miguel Neto, responsible for this diocesan team at the Pastoral do Turismo.

«If the number of marriages of this type has increased, consequently, the existing relationship with wedding planners it has also been deepened, so it was important to carry out training that explains in detail the steps to be taken in preparing these weddings, in order to ensure greater quality, discipline and communication with regard to this type of ceremonies, avoiding the carrying out of gross errors, which can jeopardize the validity of the marriages of foreign couples”, added the same responsible.

The initiative is also important to facilitate «procedures with the Diocese, ensuring that the processes arrive here well prepared and with all the documentation missing. Thus, the wedding planners who participate in this formation will be certified for a period of two years as prepared for the organization of Catholic marriages of foreigners and nationals in our region».

Father Miguel Neto adds that there are "already a large number of people enrolled."

Participation in this training action costs 100 euros – it was 80 euros for those who signed up until the 10th of November.

Those interested in participating should send an email to pastoralturismo.algarve@gmail.com with the following data: name; email; mobile phone; company where you work; company address; company email; and company phone/mobile.