Demolished the illegal 30-meter wall in the Farol

Demolition went uncontested

The concrete wall, about 30 meters long and illegally built in the core of the Farol of Culatra IslandOn Faro, was demolished this Friday, December 6th. 

José Pacheco, president of Sociedade Polis Litoral da Ria Formosa and director of the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) in the Algarve, confirmed in statements to Sul Informação, that the demolition took place today.

According to the official, it was the APA who asked Polis, an entity that will even be extinguished at the end of this year, to remove the wall.

This is because that is an area where the Sotavento Coastal Border Management Plan (POOC) is applied, being, therefore, the jurisdiction of the Portuguese Environment Agency.



The work, guaranteed José Pacheco, "went off without problems or contestation". Since the beginning of the steps, which ended today with the demolition, "any complaints" have not been received from the islanders either. As for the author of the work, it has yet to be identified.

O Sul Informação he knows that when the wall started to break, it was found that there was a lot of rubbish, mixed with the concrete, to make a heavier structure. From refrigerators, grills and even boat masts, everything served to help build this illegally built wall.

This structure was about 30 meters long, a meter and a half wide and half a meter high, a few steps from the Ria Formosa, in the heart of the Natural Park, in a situation denounced by our newspaper in October this year.

The purpose of the wall would be to serve as a kind of rockfill for the protection of the houses.


Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação