Solidarity Christmas dinner gives Christmas to the poor and the homeless in Portimão

Initiative expects to receive 40 to 50 people

On a night of family and sharing, the Remar association decided not to forget those who need it most. The first edition of a solidarity Christmas dinner will take place on December 24th, from 19 pm, in the riverside area of ​​Portimão, next to the bandstand, to offer a decent Christmas dinner to the poor and the homeless. 

Remar's idea is not new and has already started several years ago, with editions in Lisbon, Porto, Setúbal and Coimbra. This year, the association decided to extend it to the Algarve, counting to receive between 40 and 50 people.

“We noticed that it was a relevant initiative for people in other places, because it helped them. Therefore, this year, we also bet on Portimão», explains Aarão Fonseca, regional coordinator of Remar, to the Sul Informação. 

In order to provide these people with a decent supper, the organization is looking for volunteers who want to spend a different holiday with those who need it most. Ten people, considers Aarão Fonseca, would already be “an interesting number”.

“The food will be prepared by us, but there is the aspect of the decoration of the tent, which will have to be equipped with tables and chairs, for example”, he says.

On the menu will be «the classic Christmas dish»: boiled cod, with potatoes, vegetables and egg. The organization accepts anyone who wants to donate some food to help prepare dinner.

In addition to food, blankets and clothes will be distributed. The initiative has the support of the City Council of Portimão and the Administration of the Ports of Sines and Algarve.

“Our environment will be cheerful and attractive. When everyone is with their families, we didn't want to forget about other people, those who are alone. Above all, we want to convey the idea, to those who need it most, that, despite the difficult moment, this is not the end. That the future will be better», concludes Aarão Fonseca, in statements to our newspaper.