camera of Faro has new Code of Conduct

Document was approved at a Chamber meeting

The Code of Conduct of the Municipality of Faro was approved, this Monday, December 2, at the Chamber meeting. This document establishes the set of principles and values, in terms of professional ethics, which must be recognized and adopted by the employees of the municipality, whether elected officials, employees, service providers, consultants and interns.

The Municipality, which until now was governed by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 47/97, ​​called the “Ethical Charter – Ten Principles for Public Administration” and by the Risk Management Plan for Corruption and Related Offenses, which it created in 2010 and revised in 2016, «now has its own more comprehensive document that incorporates national and European guidelines and legislation on the matter», stresses the City Council.

The document stipulates, for example, in its article 5, that «the workers of the Municipality are at the exclusive service of the community and citizens, the public interest always prevailing over private or group interests, in respect for the legal rights and interests protected from citizens'.

Throughout its 52 articles, the Code emphasizes that the Municipality's agents "act in accordance with criteria of diligence, responsibility, loyalty, competence, probity and dignity, in order to consolidate and make visible to the outside world a culture of public mission ».

With the disclosure of its Code of Conduct, which will now be published in the Diário da República and will be available on the Chamber of Faro, the autarchy «understands that it is taking another decisive step with the objective of better communicating and promoting its organizational culture, clarifying precepts and procedures for all components of the relationship network and reaffirming the institution as a benchmark of honorability and public service».