camera of Faro installed maritime crane at Culatra shelter port

Work was included in a broader investment

The Chamber of Faro has already completed the installation work of a maritime crane in the shelter port of Ilha da Culatra, also used by fishing professionals in this fishing village.

The intervention, which ended recently, aimed to 'equip the disembarkation site with means and equipment for sweeping and hauling water vessels, for their maintenance and cleaning, which is now fully within the reach of all families who develop their own there. maritime activity'.



The municipality spent around 73 thousand euros on the installation of the crane alone, in addition to the 162 euros spent on preparatory work, namely "on a support structure (74.200 euros), electrical supply for the crane support house (11.614,92, 3.075 euros), projects (13.361,49 euros), geotechnical prospecting (25.553,25 euros), supply and assembly of fishing support (1.795,93 euros), purchase of a high pressure vessel for washing vessels (32.625,75 euros) and , also, in the acquisition of equipment for the manufacture and sealing of ice (XNUMX euros)».

In total, the improvements cost close to 236 euros, of which almost 200 will be covered by 75% by the Operational Program MAR2020.

«With these improvements, the municipality of Faro continues to note its growing concern with the working conditions of fishing populations in the county, helping to strengthen the competitiveness of the fishing sector in the county», concluded the Chamber of Faro.



Photos: camera of Faro