Albufeira municipality invests heavily in housing in 2020

Social action will be one of the priorities of the Municipality of Albufeira in 2020

The Municipality of Albufeira wants to start, in 2020, the construction works of more than one hundred and a half houses with affordable rents, either at controlled costs or for social housing. Social action will be one of the autarchy's priorities in the year that is about to start, announced José Carlos Rolo.

As revealed by the mayor of Albufeira during his already traditional New Year message, an initiative that took place yesterday, the 27th, in Paços do Concelho, "there is a lot of work to be done" and the financial capacity to move forward.

“In 2020, we are going to start the process of building around 200 social or cost-controlled housing. We have practically finished a project for 40 fires in Paderne. We also have one for 38 houses here in Albufeira and a third in Fontaínhas, with around 70 houses», he revealed to Sul Informação José Carlos Rolo, on the sidelines of the session.

According to the mayor, the Chamber "should not be able to launch all the works at the same time", but assured that the idea is to move forward with the different interventions in 2020.

Still in the field of social action, three new homes for the elderly are in the pipeline, one of which, to be built in Olhos de Água, «is just waiting for a visa from the Court of Auditors to start up».

Equally well underway is the process of another home, to be installed in Fontaínhas, which "will go to the competition in a short time". The municipality of Albufeira is also planning to build a third infrastructure of this nature in the city.

Another measure that is in the pipeline is the expansion of several kindergartens in the county, «so that we can expand the offer of places and meet the needs of families in Albufeira».



«We are going to launch an ideas competition for the construction of a Fairs and Exhibitions Park. Albufeira doesn't have a space where it can hold a big event and we have to create it, so that the council can differentiate itself positively», added José Carlos Rolo, speaking to Sul Informação.

This multipurpose pavilion will be installed on a plot of 30 hectares which has since been acquired by the City Council, located next to the Albufeira Basic and Secondary School and the municipality's warehouses.

These were some of the works announced by the mayor in his New Year message and which are included in the Municipal Budget of around 79 million euros of the Municipality of Albufeira, which has already been approved.

Yesterday's session also served to explain why the planned – and necessary – works are not always advanced, despite the management balance being carried over from one year to the next.

“People don't know, but that money only used to be available in April. Starting the processes only in April is not good, because, coming into the summer, we cannot intervene in many places», stressed José Carlos Rolo.

The good news is that by 2020 the rules will change. «We really have this anticipation of the use of the management balance that is carried over from one year to the next. It will be a reality in terms of the State Budget. Unfortunately, this year the Budget will only be approved in January, but anyway, we've already gained a month or two here. It's not bad!” he said.