Volunteers help clean up the beach at Faro

The “Circular Seas” program is once again running in Faro

Volunteers will help clean up the beach at Faro on Thursday, November 7th, under the “Circular Seas” program, which once again includes the Faro bathing area.

In 2019, the Dom Francisco Gomes d'Avelar Professional School, the Hotel and Tourism School of Faro and the University of Algarve for the Third Age.

This is an initiative open to the entire community and anyone who wants to participate and make a contribution can register by sending an email to [email protected], indicating name and date of birth.

More than a garbage collection, “Circular Seas” is an environmental awareness project. In this way, «the institutions participating in the cleaning of Faro receive training on the issue of marine litter and how it reaches the beaches, the importance of recycling and the correct separation of waste, the need for responsible consumption and investment in the circular economy», according to the event's organizers.

Environmental awareness and coordination of the cleaning action in Faro are the responsibility of LPN – League for the Protection of Nature, a Non-Governmental Organization partner of the “Mares Circulares” project in Portugal. This action has the support of the Municipality of Faro and the University of the Algarve.

In the first edition of this initiative by the Coca-Cola Foundation and Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP), which took place last year, around 800 kilos of garbage were removed from six Portuguese beaches and sent for treatment and selective recycling.

«As a result of the project, Coca-Cola produced this year the first bottles in the world made with material from marine plastic and suitable for use in food and beverages. The 300 bottles presented this month in London used 25% recycled plastic from beaches and seabeds in Portugal and Spain», according to the organizers.

This year, the “Mares Circulares” program has already promoted interventions on the coast of Viana do Castelo, on Caloura (São Miguel Island), on the beach at Galapos (Setúbal), Bom Sucesso (Óbidos), Melides (Grândola), with the participation of more than 2000 volunteers.

Beach cleaning and environmental awareness actions are also planned at Ponta dos Corvos Beach (Seixal), Porto Santo (Madeira Archipelago), Aterro Beach (Matosinhos), Salgueiros Beach (Gaia) and São Jacinto (Aveiro).