Sul Informação reaches 50 organic followers on Facebook

We've also surpassed 5000 followers on Instagram

The Facebook page of Sul Informação reached, this weekend, 50 thousand organic followers. In fact, it already has 50.014 followers.


It is an important brand, not least because it is organic followers (as shown in the charts published above), that is, true followers, people from all over the Algarve, the whole country and even around the world who choose to follow what we are going to do. posting on our Facebook page. In other words, they are not purchased followers, paid to this social network.



The fact that they are organic followers is important when evaluating the reach of our posts on Facebook. It's just that, even with less total followers than the other two regional newspapers in the Algarve, the Sul Informação, as you can see in the graph above generated by Facebook itself, it has much more interaction/reach: 88,1 K.

Just a note: in the graph, we have hidden the logos of other regional newspapers, just because it is not customary, nor in good manner, in these matters, to put the names of competitors.

The result of all this is that, in recent weeks, we have had a lot of news making great success in terms of reach on Facebook, the which later translates into readings (views or pageviews) effective on our website.


The champion is, without a doubt, the news about the new forms of payment with cards (September 12th), which reached the extraordinary mark of 477.671 people reached. That's right: close to half a million people reached with a single publication.

This article got 62.719 pageviews. In other words, across the country, there were almost 63 people reading this news on the Sul Informação.

Another article that gained great reach was the one we published on the new traffic signs (294.460).

More modest, but still with a very considerable organic reach, were the news about the new Faculty of Medicine that will be born at the University of Algarve, published on 24 September and which has achieved a reach, so far, of 93.899, or that of the employment competition launched by the Chamber of Faro (October 31st), which reached 92.326 people.



Last weekend, the highlight goes to a sad news, the death of Baltasar Guerreiro (which was shared even in France!), which has already reached 52.797 people.

Another good news, which also has to do with social media, is that this weekend we also reached – and even surpassed – the 5000 followers mark on Instagram.


Note: All images shown are screenshots (print screens) of the statistics generated by Facebook.