Silves buys crawler robot to protect forest from fire

The robot cost 75 thousand euros

The Municipality of Silves bought a crawler robot that can be operated remotely, which will be used to defend the forest against fire, namely in deforesting and fuel management works.

The municipality of Silvense invested 75 thousand euros in this equipment, the first of its kind to operate in the Algarve, which will be used for destroying vegetation and integrated in the teams of forest sappers».

"This acquisition will increase the capacity and speed of intervention in the Defense of Forests Against Fires, within the Municipality's responsibilities, as well as to meet the growing demands in the field of fuel management", according to the City Council of Silves.

«It is also intended to increase the capacity of intervention in the creation of strategic areas for the defense of population agglomerates and in communication routes, ensuring their implementation in the main risk areas of the municipality of Silves of the priority parishes of São Marcos da Serra, São Bartolomeu de Messines and Silves», he added.

On the other hand, this new equipment will facilitate the work of the teams of forest sappers, «which until now carried out the deforestation work using motor-clearers in often adverse terrain conditions».

Because it can be operated remotely, the robot allows it to «operate in areas of difficult access without compromising the safety conditions of the operators».


Photos: Chamber of Silves