Rita Redshoes takes children from Castro Marim to the Floresta dos Legumes

Show “Rita and the Forest of Vegetables” promotes healthy eating

Rita Redshoes will make known the advantages of healthy eating to the children of Castro Marim, in a session that will take place on December 13, at 18 pm, at the Municipal Library of this Sotavento municipality.

The Portuguese artist will take to Castro Marim the educational project “Rita ea Floresta dos Legumes”, which she promotes in partnership with the company Betweien.

«Involving various dynamics, from telling a story about Rita, through theater and the interpretation of various themes composed by Rita Redshoes herself, this action aims to promote a healthier diet and lifestyle, a work that the municipality de Castro Marim has also done it through a nutritional re-education in the municipal schools», according to the Castro Marim Chamber.

«“Rita and the Forest of Vegetables” brings us the story of a girl with a voracious appetite, who lost her appetite when she saw vegetables on the meal plate her parents lovingly prepared for her. One day, when she placed the vegetables on the edge of the plate, the colored vegetables changed color and turned grey, as a sign of Rita's sadness and incomprehension. It is then that on a magical journey to a forest of giant vegetables, Rita understands why the vegetables are on her plate», she added.

The autarchy noted that earlier this year it created “a more careful food selection process, favoring the origin of national and regional production and less processed and additive foods. At the same time, all the pre-school and 1st cycle canteen operators in the municipality were undergoing training, so that they could acquire new knowledge and practices in accordance with this concept of natural cooking».

At the end, the approximately 500 children who attend pre-school and 1st cycle education in the municipality will receive a book with the same name as the show.