António Costa's crib returns to Santana de Cambas

This year, the crib has 38 images entirely made from objects that no longer fulfilled their original function.

The “Do Lixo Faço Arte” crib, designed by António Costa, who is an artisan and employee of the Mértola City Council (and not its namesake prime minister), returns to the ballroom of the Casa do Povo de Santana de Cambas, from December 1st to January 6th.

In a magical environment, the artist celebrates the sacred family and the Christmas spirit in a setting made from recycled materials.

This is the fourth time that the “Do Lixo faz Arte” crib is presented to the public and the second in this space. Every year, the artist renews the exhibition with new images and new sets.

This year, the crib has 38 images entirely made from objects that no longer fulfilled their original function, such as fabrics, paper, ceramic objects and appliance motors. With a lot of art, ingenuity and imagination, António Costa brings the characters to life by betting on the movement, sounds, smells and lighting of a setting that resembles a cave.

For the artist, “the taste of making the nativity scene is an illusion that comes from childhood, until the age of 10, it was common to assemble the nativity scene, the figures in the nativity scene were made by me, I looked for clay in the ravines, trunks, rags old people, gave free rein to my imagination and that's how I realized the Christmas fantasy”.

“For a few years, this taste of mine to set up the nativity scene was stopped. Going to the capital of Lisbon has somewhat faded that tradition. I returned years later, already an adult and a married man, father of one child, I was lucky enough to go on a trip to Italy in 2001. Because, with this trip, the dream of a child who was asleep, woke up alive and very much alive. I was lucky enough to visit a nativity scene in the city of Rome that never left my mind. I think it was the click for me to return to the desire to express what was in my soul”.

António Costa, 52 years old, is an artist born in Moreanes and an employee of the Municipality of Mértola.

Admission is free and the crib can be visited every day, from 9:00 am to 13:00 pm and from 14:00 pm to 19:00 pm.