Portimão debates the impact of the European City of Sport

Debate is promoted by Teia D'Impulsos

“What is the Impact of the European City?” is the theme of another gathering “Teia D'Ideias” that the association Teia D'Impulsos will promote tomorrow, November 14th, at 21 pm, at Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes, in Portimão.

(Note: the event was postponed, according to the Sul Informação reported)

Already confirmed is the presence of Isilda Gomes (president of the Portimão city council), Custódio Moreno (regional director of the IPDJ), Nuno Santos (Portuguese Association of European Sports Cities), and Plínio Ferrão (president of the Tennis Club of Portimão ), by José Pinto (Alma Lusa) and Luís Matos (Teia D'Impulsos Association),

In this conversation, guests will discuss the impact that Portimão European City of Sport has had in the region.