The end of an era: Chamber of Faro retakes possession of the campsite

The aim is for the campsite to be requalified by summer

The Camping at Praia de Faro returned to the "hands" of the City Council, this Monday morning, "in a peaceful way", so the requalification works can already start.

The park's occupants have removed their belongings over the past few days and today, the date set for the start of the works, despite continuing the removal work, the City Council was able to regain possession of the space.

Mountains of rubbish and belongings remained behind, which those who were there for several years did not want to, or could not remove.

Rogério Bacalhau, president of the Chamber of Faro, like the rest of the executive council, was this morning at the Camping Park. The mayor did not get rid of some "mouths", but the situation did not go beyond that and the GNR device present did not have to act.

The mayor also exchanged a few words with Luís Arsénio, president of the Camping Park's Friends and Users Association, but the exchange of arguments did not last more than a few brief minutes.

Still, Rogério Bacalhau, speaking to journalists, left a “word of appreciation to all those who removed their belongings and all those who are still removing their things. I would like to thank you for your collaboration. This was a stage in their lives, but in the future they will be able to continue to come here, like everyone else».

According to the mayor, “there are three people who are being accompanied by Social Action, because they have no other residence. We are creating solutions so that people can leave here and be relocated with dignity», he guaranteed.

There roulottes which, for the time being, remain in the space and will not be removed by the owners because “they are unable to leave. When we do the cleaning, we will remove the trailers, which will be to slaughter».

Taking into account the "calm and serene" process, the intention of the Chamber of Faro assumed, last week, to process the users and the association if it was not possible to start the works this Friday, “there is no question. That was our reaction to the possibility of there being a new legal dispute. Given the current situation, none of this is justified».

This position taken by the municipality was, in fact, one of the reasons why the park's occupants left in time for the start of the works. "People leave because they have been threatened, but it ends peacefully and people are leaving normally without creating any problems," said Luís Arsénio, speaking to Sul Informação.

About the future campsite that will be born at the site, the president of the Association of Friends and Users of the Praia de Camping Park Faro believes that "farenses will be disappointed, because the campsite that will be built will not be able to be a park where people can enjoy and have their leisure time with dignity."

Ended an era for the Camping from the beach of Faro, the goal is that, next summer, this space is requalified and can receive all campers.

Still, taking into account the delay in starting the works, which was scheduled for 1 October, this is a guarantee that Rogério Bacalhau cannot yet give: «we will try, but we cannot guarantee».


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