Mercadinho da Castanha starts commemorations of S. Martinho in Castro Marim

Roasted chestnut and jeropiga were the protagonists

The “Mercadinho da Castanha”, held last Saturday, November 2, in Altura, kicked off with the commemorations of S. Martinho, in the municipality of Castro Marim. 

Roasted chestnuts and jeropiga were the main characters, but this party also had cultural and musical entertainment.

The Hammer Exhibition, at the Prof. Gallery. Luís Amaro, from the Altura Parish Council, was inaugurated in the morning and attracted hundreds of visitors throughout the day. The concentration of old motorbikes was another highlight of this party.



Organized by the Friends of Old Mopeds "Passo Branco", the concentration brought together about fifty old motorbikes, recalling the time between the 60s and 80s, when these motorcycles were democratized and some of the most mythical of Portuguese manufacture were produced, such as the Casal Boss, Macal or the popular V5.

The afternoon continued with the celebrations with musical entertainment, by the accordionist Sérgio Conceição and the performance of the Ethnographic Group of Quelfes “Os Velhos”, with many guests, also attracted by the small market, which put up for sale many of the local handicraft products and some of the best local delicacies and regional, such as honey, dried fruits and a huge variety of sweets.

The celebrations of S. Martinho continue next weekend in Odeleite, on November 9th, and in Alta Mora, on November 10.

This was an initiative organized by the Parish Council, with the support of the Chamber of Castro Marim.