UAlg's best new students won Excellence Scholarships

Students will have one year of tuition paid

49 students from the University of the Algarve were awarded Excellence Scholarships in the amount of the tuition fee for the 1st year of a bachelor's or master's degree as part of a ceremony that took place on Saturday at the institution's Campus de Gambelas, in Faro.

In practice, each of the scholarships has the value of 871,52 euros, the stipulated value of the tuition fee, for this school year. The awards are all awarded by companies, many of them from the region.

«All students who this academic year entered the University of Algarve (UAlg), in first option, with an application grade equal to or greater than 17, received an excellence scholarship. In addition to students with a classification equal to or greater than 17 marks, Scholarships of Excellence were also awarded to students with the best application grade, provided they were equal to or greater than 15 marks, who enrolled in the various courses at UAlg», according to the university.

This is already the eighth edition of this initiative, having already been awarded «336 students, totaling support of more than 320 thousand euros». This year, 44 entities joined the UAlg Excellence Scholarships.

Jessica Pires was one of the contemplated students. He came from the João de Deus Secondary School, in Faro. She entered the University of Algarve in Mathematics Applied to Economics and Management, with an average of 17,78, and was chosen to represent all awarded students.

The student explained that she chose the University of Algarve because she was born in Faro. “Although many of the residents don't value what we have, I do. It is not necessary to leave the Algarve to attend quality education and obtain virtuous opportunities. I chose UAlg to help me in this great stage», he said.

João Nunes finished the 12th year at Escola Secundária de Quarteira and entered the Computer Engineering course, in first option, with an average of 18,05. In addition to the importance of monetary value, the student highlights the motivational factor that this initiative, by itself, generates in students. “It was not only for this reason that I chose UAlg, but it was one of the factors to take into account”.

Catarina Silva came from Escola Tomás Cabreira, in Faro. He entered the Biomedical Sciences course at 17,08. He considers that this initiative “can help good students choose UAlg as their first option, in addition to being a recognition of the effort and dedication to get here”. The same thinks Diana Rodrigues, who joined UAlg at 19,21, in the Communication Design course. He finished his 12th year at Escola Secundaria Diogo de Gouveia, in Beja, and also recognizes that awarding scholarships of excellence is a way to reward work and merit.

Joana Ramos had already come to know UAlg on the Open Day. He finished the 12th year at Escola Secundária Augusto Cabrita, in Barreiro, and entered the Business Management course with 17,03. She says she is delighted with the institution, “it has an incredible atmosphere, professors, colleagues and employees, everything surpassed my expectations”.

From the perspective of companies, it is very important to attract and support new talent. This year, it was Alberto Mota Borges, director of the Airport of Faro, speak on behalf of the entrepreneurs and entities involved. Focusing on his professional experience and his academic path, Alberto Mota Borges encouraged students to pursue their dreams and overcome the challenges of today's society.

Carlos Afonso, from the company Metalofarense, also believes that it is crucial that the School and companies are interconnected and with this initiative the University bridges these two worlds, valuing excellence. A participant since the first edition, the businessman considers that "the number of companies involved, although it has been increasing since the first edition, can still grow more".

Paulo Águas, dean of UAlg, highlighted that the work carried out by the teachers of the awarded students, thanked the municipalities that joined this initiative and addressed a special word of thanks to the companies. «We understand your adhesion as a sign of recognition of the work developed at the University of Algarve, in the training and empowerment of our young people. It is also a strong incentive for students, which goes far beyond the grant amount. Your adhesion and, in particular, your presence is a sign that you believe in young people, that you believe in the future,” he said.