Luís Graça chosen as vice-chairman of the Environment, Energy and Planning Committee

Pedro do Carmo (PS), from Beja, will be president of the Agriculture and Sea Commission

Luís Graça, PS deputy elected by the circle of Faro, was chosen as vice-president of the Committee on Environment, Energy and Spatial Planning. Pedro do Carmo from Alentejo, also a socialist and parliamentarian, will, in turn, lead the Committee on Agriculture and the Sea. 

The constitution of the standing parliamentary committees was unanimously approved at the meeting of the leaders' conference.



In this legislature, the Assembly will have 14 permanent commissions: eight chaired by the PS, five by the PSD and one by the Left Bloc. Distribution was made using the Hondt method.

Moreover, the election of the Algarve's Fernando Anastácio, who, in these Legislatives, was elected deputy for the Lisbon constituency, as coordinator for the Budget and Finance, should also be highlighted.

Ana Paula Vitorino, a well-known face of the Algarve as Minister of the Sea, was, in turn, chosen as president of the Parliamentary Committee on Culture and Communication.