Lagos assumes in 2020 all decentralized competences

Budget of 64 million for 2020 already reflects the new skills to be taken on

Hugo Pereira – Photo: Hugo Rodrigues|Sul Informação

In 2020, the Municipality of Lagos will assume all the powers that have already been decentralized by the Government to the municipalities, after having only accepted three of the new assignments in 2019, the first year of the transition period that will last until 2021.

At a time when the date when the Councils will have to accept the new responsibilities, the municipality of Lacobrigense has decided to call itself «all competences already regulated», next year, he revealed to the Sul Informação Hugo Pereira, newly sworn in mayor of Lagos.

"Only those that are joint, from the Chamber and the Boards, will remain until 2021. And then there was one that was withdrawn by the State, that of Food Security, which, of course, we are not going to assume", he explained.

At first, and still in 2018, Lagos only accepted new skills in the management of unused public real estate in 2019. During the course of the year, he also accepted assignments in the area of ​​culture and in the management of port areas.

For the year, the whole package arrives, including the areas of education and health, those that generated the most doubts among the mayors, but also in areas as distinct as the co-management of protected areas, maritime, river and lake beaches, the authorization of exploration of related modalities of games, means of communication, justice, housing, citizen service structures, public parking, passenger transport and support for the Volunteer Fire Brigade, «aiming at a more effective, efficient, equitable municipality and close to the citizens», as revealed in a press release to the Câmara de Lagos.



This decision will already be reflected in the Municipal Budget of Lagos for 2020, approved by the City Council this week and which amounts to 64 million euros - a number well above the approximately 58,6 million 2019, also because of the decentralization process.

In terms of works, the highlight was the construction of the new Luz School Center (EB1 + JI), «a very important project, as it will allow replacing the old schools in Espiche and Luz, which will be closed», according to the mayor lacobrigense.

«The project is approved and the competition will be open during the month of November», added Hugo Pereira.

This project, according to the autarchy, “will make it possible to reinforce the current public offer network and make the universalization, in the municipality of Lagos, of pre-school education from the age of 3 onwards more effective”.

Also in housing, the main flag of the current executive, there will be investments, namely the construction of municipal houses in Sargaçal and Bensafrim, «considered essential to the strengthening of social cohesion and the local economy».


Hugo Pereira – Photo: Hugo Rodrigues|Sul Informação


In 2020, Lagos will put into practice «a Sports Training Plan that serves the interests of the local associative movement, as well as the resumption of the holding of an event aimed at promoting and recognizing sporting excellence».

"Viver o Verão leisure occupation program will be expanded, also including a component aimed at providing young people residing in the county with real contact with different professional areas in partnership with local economic agents", he announced, on the other hand, the Chamber of Lagos.

Also foreseen in the Budget is the implementation of the Municipal Police Corps, a measure “already approved by Organs municipal bodies and ratified by the Council of Ministers. In 2020, the necessary admission and training of human resources, preparation of physical facilities and equipping will take place”.

In the environmental field, it is planned to renew the vehicle fleet and the human resources allocated to urban cleaning, together with the implementation of awareness and accountability campaigns.

«Accessibility and mobility will be a priority implemented in high-impact works such as Municipal Road 537 (Four Roads – Vila da Luz) and Via V10 (Meia Praia Road). A study of accessibility, circulation and traffic for the city, as well as the implementation of the projects of the Ecovia do Litoral and the Urban Cycleway, are other actions to be carried out in the field of mobility», concluded the Câmara de Lagos.