Vila do Bispo Health Center has a computer system again «this week»

Health Center has been without system for about 3 weeks

The information system at the Vila do Bispo Health Centre, which has been down since October 28, will be back in operation "in the course of this week," he told the Sul Informação the Algarve Regional Health Administration.

The breakdown was due to a power cut, motivated "by the bad weather that was felt on the 28th". Since then, and for about three weeks, the health unit has had no computer system, which led to the postponement of appointments and the impossibility of carrying out routine procedures.

A user of this service, who has been waiting for weeks for a medical certificate to renew her driving license, told our newspaper that "complicated situations have occurred".

"It is unacceptable, in these times, that these situations happen in our country," he added, recalling "the many elderly, who do not have health insurance or to turn to."

From the entity responsible for primary health care in the Algarve, there is a guarantee that, following the breakdown, «the contingency plan was immediately activated for when these situations occur, that is, the care and the provision of care is carried out. normally, but the registrations are done manually'.

“Thus, despite some limitations in terms of information technology, the Health Center has been operating both at a medical, nursing and administrative level. The day's resource appointments for acute situations, as well as the nursing treatments are working normally, with some constraints at the level of the registration of scheduled appointments that, whenever possible, have been rescheduled», he explained.

«The damaged equipment, in this specific case, an external disk, has already been acquired by ARS Algarve, and is expected to be assembled during this week», concluded the ARS Algarve.