Faro: "Let's stop playing" with the Camping Park situation

If restoration work on the Praia de Camping Park Faro do not start on Monday, the 25th, users may have to indemnify the Chamber

The Chamber of Faro says it's time to "stop playing" with the situation at the Praia de Camping Park Faro and, next Friday, it will file a lawsuit against the Park's Association of Friends and Users.

At a press conference, Rogério Bacalhau, president of the Chamber, said that he had “ordered the lawyer on Friday to file an action against the association so that any possible action against us would have no consequences. In addition, we will ask for compensation from the association and users, if the work is delayed”, due to the occupation of the space.

The mayor recalls that “any lawsuit filed by the association will not be suspensive. Once the court has ruled that we are right, we will have to stop playing with this».

The action filed by the Chamber of Faro "may have consequences, or not, depending on the actions taken by the association and by each of the users".

The position taken by the municipality of Faro came as a result of the Announced intention of the Association of Friends and Users of the Camping Park to proceed, at the bar of the courts, the fight for the extension of their stay in that place.

A Provisional Provision brought by the association already forced the postponement of the start of works, which was scheduled for 1 October. However, the Loulé Administrative Court did not accept the action.

Rogério Bacalhau emphasizes that, «with the Provisional Measure, we could have invoked the public interest and asked for its suspension. We didn't do it because we thought we should wait for the court decision, which would leave no doubts».

Despite the position of strength, the mayor guarantees that "we are on the side of the solution and, if anyone needs our help to remove belongings from the park, come talk to us."

Also, "if someone can't get things out, and doesn't want them, they can declare that to the Council and we'll clean up."

With regard to social cases, which need to be relocated, Rogério Bacalhau added that “there is a reference, which is being monitored by Social Action”.

«For us, the 25th is “D-Day” and the work is to move forward», concludes the mayor.