Suspected of killing a bar owner in Praia do Amado accused of aggravated homicide

crime happened in april

Jorge Cabrita, the victim – Archive Image

The man suspected of killing the owner of a bar on Praia do Amado on April 28 was accused by the Public Ministry (MP) of aggravated homicide and the possession of a prohibited weapon.

The 42-year-old defendant is suspected of having fatally shot Jorge Cabrita, 44, with two shots from a shotgun at close range, while the victim was arranging the chairs on the terrace of the beach bar he managed.

"The defendant will have acted with premeditation and will have previously dressed in dark clothes and covered his face with a Lycra sock so as not to be recognised", described the MP.

Despite the care taken to hide his identity, the alleged murderer was detained hours later, bearing in mind that a few days earlier he had been filmed by the bar's video surveillance system to attempt the assault. On that day, the presence of the GNR will have avoided the worst.

The crime was motivated by the "conflict between the author and victim, which had been going on for several years", according to what the PJ revealed, at the time the man was arrested and remained in preventive detention.

The inquiry that culminated in this accusation was directed by the MP of the Lagos section of the DIAP of Faro, with the support of the Criminal Investigation Department of Portimão of the Judiciary Police.