PS/Algarve welcomes "strong representation" in the new government

Jamila, Botelho and Apolinário are the new secretaries of state

The PS/Algarve welcomed, in a statement just sent to the newsrooms, the "strong political representation" of the region in the new Government, with the inclusion of three secretaries of State. 

Jamila Madeira (Deputy Secretary of State for Health), Jorge Botelho (Secretary of State for Decentralization and Local Administration) and José Apolinário (Secretary of State for Fisheries) are the Algarvians who are part of António Costa's executive.

The PS Algarve “congratulates the new members of the Government and thanks Prime Minister António Costa for the trust placed in three portfolios of great importance for the country and for the Algarve region”.

Luís Graça, president of the PS/Algarve, who, together with Joaquina Matos are deputies already elected, also welcomes, in a statement, Ana Passos, Francisco Oliveira and Célia Paz, who will occupy the seats of the new members of the Government in the Assembly of the Republic.

The socialists of the Algarve «also thank Miguel Freitas, for the service rendered to the country as Secretary of State for Forests and Rural Development in the second part of the mandate of the XXI Government».