Portimão returns to preparing seniors for security risks

There will be awareness sessions in several places in the county

A new edition of the awareness program “Prepared Seniors … More Protected Seniors!” Portimão City Hall kicked off on Wednesday, at the Sobreiras Senior Social Centre.

The activities foreseen in this project will take place during the month of October in several places in the county, «with the aim of preparing the senior population for the collective risks identified in this territory, in harmony with the Municipal Emergency and Civil Protection Plan in force », according to the municipality of Portimo.

This is a joint initiative between the Municipal Civil Protection Service, the Fire Department of Portimão and the Housing, Social Development and Health Division of the Portimão City Council, «in which the focus of local authorities and Civil Protection agents will focus , initially, in community centers, where specific actions on collective risks and self-protection are scheduled».



The next awareness-raising action will take place on Monday, at 14:30 pm, at the Coca-Maravilhas Community Center. On Tuesday, at the same time, he will be at the Cruz da Parteira Community Center, on the 17th, at 15:30 pm, at the Centro de Convívio Sénior de Portimão, and on the 29th, at 15:00 pm, at the Bairro Pontal Community Center.

«Monthly, a set of actions will be disseminated throughout the municipality, in partnership with the Parish Councils and various communities, extending this program until March 2020. It will culminate with two actions in the parish of Alvor, namely, 11 March, at 10:00 am, at the Alvor Community Center and, finally, on March 17, at 10:00 am, at the Ludoteca de Montes de Alvor», according to the Municipality of Portimão.

Over the next few months, Civil Protection technicians and firefighters will monitor the home support routes of State bodies and social solidarity institutions, to carry out awareness-raising actions at home, on domestic accidents, under the “Firefighter Amigo” program .

"The main objective of this program is to contribute to an increasingly resilient community, with a "House + Safe" audit being contemplated, with recommendations to mitigate the identified risks, towards the creation of a safer environment for those who are isolated and distanced, although it benefits from daily social support», concluded the Câmara de Portimão.