Algarvio Carlos Rosado wins Portugal BMX Race Cup, Hugo Martins in 2nd

Renato Silva (BMX Team from Quarteira) took home the cadet trophy in the supercross event

Carlos Rosado (Clube Bicross de Portimão) won this Sunday the 2019 edition of the Portuguese BMX Race Cup, at the new track in Sangalhos, Anadia. In second place was another athlete from the Algarve, Hugo Martins (Team BMX de Quarteira).

Bruno Cardoso (BMX VTT Limonest) was the best in the long-awaited supercross race, held this Sunday morning, debuting the infrastructure Olympic ramp in the city of Bahia.

The Portuguese Cup ended with a double round, Saturday and Sunday. Bad weather conditioned Saturday's races, but did not prevent the races from being held.

Irish Matthew Campbell was the best man over 19 on Saturday, a status that, the following day, was conquered by Pedro Amaral (Clube Bicross de Portimão).

Carlos Rosado was the most regular over the weekend, consolidating his status as the most consistent of the entire season, which earned him the Cup conquest with 102 points.

The second in the overall classification was Hugo Martins (Team BMX de Quarteira), with 99 points. The third was Jaime Airosa (BMX Águias de S. Gabriel Best Point), with 97.

In addition to the men's competition for over 19 years old, the supercross race was expected. On Saturday it did not take place, but Sunday conditions already allowed the boldest runners to exit the eight-meter ramp.

In a mostly Spanish squad, it was Portuguese Bruno Cardoso who won, relegating Alejandro Alcojor (Club BMX Los Pinos) to second place and Alejandro Kim (Yellow Mad BMX) to third place.

André Ribeiro (Setúbal Bicross Nucleus/Knowledge Inside) won this weekend's junior races, but that didn't stop teammate Gonçalo Carvalho from winning the Portugal Cup in that category. One point was the difference between them in the final overall.

Renato Silva (Team BMX de Quarteira) took home the trophy in cadets, imitated by the 15-year-old runner Jéssica Conceição (Núcleo Bicross de Setúbal/Knowledge Inside), by the Ukrainian youth Dmitriy Popyk (Team BMX de Quarteira), and by João Fidalgo, in masters and cruisers.

Núcelo Bicross de Setúbal/Knowledge Inside won the BMX Cup of Portugal by teams.