Clube de Vela de Tavira celebrates 44 years of training athletes and citizens

Club is a reference in the sport of handball

The Clube de Vela de Tavira (CVT) celebrates today, the 17th, 44 years of existence, during which it dedicated itself to «training athletes, but also men and women for the future».

The Tavirense community began with the sailing modality but is now better known for its work and career in the modalities of handball and athletics.

In the first case, handball, the club even had teams competing for the highest level of male and female seniors, which made it “the biggest reference in the region” in this modality, according to the direction of the CVT.

In athletics, a modality that will now be reactivated, young people were trained in the past who achieved “great achievements”.

Those responsible for the club also highlight the bet that was made in adapted handball and in the modality of triathlon.


Photos: Tavira Sailing Club