Albufeira enters the new year with an innovative show, Amor Electro and The Black Mamba

Paderne Medieval and Solrir are also part of the program

New Year's Eve in Albufeira will feature pyrotechnics, synchronized aerobatics, lighting at sea and throughout the venue, concerts with Amor Electro and The Black Mamba and a stage created specifically for that night. The new New Year concept is called “Albufeira Carpe Nox” (Enjoy the Night) and was presented last Friday, September 27th.

«Big names in national and international music have already been through here, we've already made the biggest toast in the world, we hosted the final of SIC's Ídolos program, and this year we decided to bet on something different to regain some momentum. All municipalities have the usual concert and fireworks, but we wanted to be different», said José Carlos Rolo, mayor of Albufeira.

Albufeira's proposal involves a multi-sensory spectacle, which will involve the various natural elements of Praia dos Pescadores.

“The challenge was to develop a unique concept, which will translate into an unforgettable experience. We are going to use scenic elements and make the audience one of the main pieces so that people feel they are part of everything that is happening. The keyword is to innovate. Let's do something new, do something that stays marked in these 17 years of history», explained Paulo Dias, the president's chief of staff.

For the night of December 31, «a stage will be built 50 meters in front, designed for this purpose, which will interact with the audience, with the sea, with the sky, with the cliff and with the boats that go be on the beach. Several laser and light towers will also be set up, which will paint the entire scene and involve the public», reveals the City Council of Albufeira.

“We are going to use for the first time something that has always been there but has never been used. This year, all the fireworks will be placed in the sea and all over Albufeira's beachfront will be boats that will be part of the show, along with the stage, the sound and everything that will be happening , in a game of lights», revealed Carla Ponte, head of the Tourism and Social Development Division.

The municipality emphasizes that "music continues to be one of the main attractions of the New Year" and there will be two concerts to liven up the last night of 2019. The first band to take the stage will be Amor Electro, which will present "a unique show with an exclusive alignment for the moment».

After midnight, The Back Mamba takes to the stage.

"We want the public to identify even more with this atmosphere of celebration and we are preparing unique concerts for this date", added Paulo Dias.

A third element of animation will be the midnight firework, which will be launched from the sea. It will be a musical, multi-sensorial fireworks show, with a choreography that, according to the Municipality of Albufeira, will have a «great impact».

However, "throughout the night, there will be other moments of fire".

There will be an aerial acrobatics show with eight illuminated para-engines that set fire while performing choreographies. Also in the skies above Albufeira, two synchronized aerobatics planes will star in a «unique show, held only twice in the world», highlights the municipality.

«New Year's Eve will be a spectacle that has to be seen from the beginning. We have a coverage of cameras throughout the enclosure, so that what is going to happen can be seen everywhere», guaranteed Carla Ponte.

The name of the brand that will be associated with the New Year – “Albufeira Carpe Nox” – was unveiled by José Carlos Rolo and José Santos, from APAL – Albufeira Promotion Agency.

«“Enjoy the night” is the motto for the New Year's Eve show that the Municipality of Albufeira wants to create as an innovative concept full of

“I am speechless before a show of this size and quality. The New Year is a mark for Albufeira and for what the Municipality intends to stand out with what it does best», stressed José Santos.

«We want to thank the privilege of this partnership with the Chamber, in which APAL members come together and help to promote this event. It is a bet that is certainly won and that businessmen will be proud to participate», he added.

José Carlos Rolo ended the presentation with an invitation to the public so that everyone can be “actors of this night” and also left a message to the entrepreneurs to “keep their establishments open and serve people in the best way, making the night memorable and unforgettable ».

In addition to the news for the night of December 31, at Praia dos Pescadores, the New Year program starts on December 28, with Paderne Medieval animating the historic center of the village of barrocal, until January 1st.

The party goes on until January 4th, «with lots of laughter in the mix». The Solrir Humor Festival is back at the Algarve Congress Palace, at Herdade dos Salgados, from 1 to 4 January with the best national comedians.