Solidarity marks its place at the Albufeira Municipality Day party

Race and march in solidarity in favor of Firefighters kick off the party

A run and a solidary walk will kick off the celebrations for the day of the Municipality of Albufeira, on the 19th, at 20:15. This initiative, which takes place the night before the municipal fair, aims to raise funds for the Albufeira Firemen.

The meeting point for the tour is, moreover, the headquarters of this corporation. The money that is raised will help «to acquire a uniform, as well as being a way of bringing together the community of Albufeira for an evening of sport and socializing», according to the City Council of Albufeira.

The event, free of charge, «will have several surprises and moments of entertainment».

This run and walk in solidarity is part of the program to commemorate the Day of the Municipality of Albufeira, which will have as its highlight a concert by Bonnie Tyler, on the 2nd of August, at 22:30 pm, at Praia dos Pescadores.