ISMAT de Portimão promotes Cybersecurity Conferences

Event will feature the presence of experts in the field

ISMAT – Instituto Superior Manuel Teixeira Gomes will promote a Cybersecurity Conference on September 20, at 20:30 pm, in the auditorium of its main facilities, in Portimão.

The initiative will feature a panel of invited experts who will address the topics “Introduction to Cybercrime: Forms of Cybercrime. Attack prevention and response” and “At the heart of the problem: Digital ignorance and cyber-insecurity. How computer security works”.

“Cybercrime is increasingly common and can take many forms to compromise user privacy and the availability of critical systems. For example, theft of private information such as emails, logins and passwords, and intrusion of infrastructure such as a power station», framed the ISMAT.

“Computer security is the way to fight cybercrime through: encryption to protect sensitive data; penetration tests performed by white-hat hackers in a secure environment; and adopting a national security policy to prevent attacks and detain attackers,” he adds.