Show by Spaniard Paco Martos is an "absolute first in Portugal" at FATACIL Equestre

The equestrian sector has already become "a reference not only nationally, but also internationally"

the spanish show Paco Martins, in «absolute premiere in Portugal», scheduled for the nights of 21, 24 and 25 August, always at 21 pm, is the highlight of this year's equestrian program by FATACIL, which starts this Friday, the 30th, in Lagoa .

The news was given by Emídio Paias, responsible for the FATACIL's equestrian sector, an area of ​​this fair that has already become «a reference not only nationally, but also internationally». The poster is strong and even attracts riders and other fans from all over the country and even from Spain.

In such a way that the equestrian sector benches begin to fill with interested public well before the time scheduled for the start of the shows, recalled that horse lover.

Another highlight is the Iberian Night, which brings together Alvaro Tebas, the current Spanish champion of Doma Vaquera, one-on-one with Miguel Fonseca, Portuguese champion of Working Equitation, and Manuel Veiga, Portuguese champion of Dressage, all accompanied by Portuguese guitar by Ricardo Martins and by the flamenco guitar. It will be on the 22nd of August, also at 21 pm.

But on the second day of FATACIL, Saturday, August 17, at 21 pm, there will be a show designed specifically for the fair, with horses, riders and lots of art, with the theme «Lagoa, Inclusive City».

On the 18th and 19th, and because the fair's track for the time being «is still not enough», there will be tests of Working Equitation, in the areas of teaching, maneuverability and even speed. The competitions will feature Portuguese riders, but also from neighboring Spain.

«This year, for the first time, our concern is to support what is in danger of extinction, so we will have here a presentation of Burro Ville, with its donkeys of the Mirandesa breed, the only one in Portugal and of which there are only 800 copies », revealed Emídio Paias, in the press conference for the presentation of the event. The presentation of the donkey of the Mirandesa breed is scheduled for 19 pm on the 20th.

Another novelty in the equestrian sector at the fair in Lagoa will be the possibility of offering visitors to the fair their “baptism on horseback”, which will be carried out by the five riding schools present and which will even entitle them to a beautiful diploma.

Closing the strong equestrian program, on the 23rd, at 21 pm, Manuel Veiga will give a live dressage class. It is, explained Emídio Paias, "the knight who is Portugal's champion of Dressage and who is linked to the historic Coudelaria Veiga."

To reward riders of all ages who will collaborate with the shows from FATACIL Equestrianand, they will be offered a two-day internship with Francisco Cancela de Abreu, "a reference in the equestrian world".

On equestrian nights, the presentation will be in charge of Napoleão Mira, writer, reciter and musician, member, for example, of the musical project Grafonola Voadora.

Emídio Paias also made a point of highlighting the investments that have been made in the conditions of the equestrian sector, namely in the «accommodation of horses». “We are very concerned about animal welfare”, he assured.

To attend the shows and all the activities promoted over the ten days of the fair in your equestrian sector, just buy the entrance ticket at FATACIL.

Anyone who wants to be comfortably installed on the benches, with a good view of everything that goes on in the arena, will have to go earlier. The quality of the programming is already known and the available places quickly run out.