Bonnie Tyler performs on Albufeira Municipality Day

The Welsh singer's show will be one of the highlights of a day where medals for good service will also be awarded to employees of the Albufeira Council

A Bonnie Tyler concert will be one of the highlights of the Albufeira Municipality Day celebrations, which will take place on August 20th. The show by the Welsh singer is scheduled for 22:30 at Praia dos Pescadores.

Before that, the official ceremonies will take place, which this year will include a solemn session where civil servants who have worked for the city council for more than 15 years will be rewarded – the last ceremony for imposing badges on employees took place in 2009.

The mayor of reservoir José Carlos Rolo will award medals for good municipal services to employees with more than 15, 25 and 35 years of service, in the bronze, silver and gold degrees, respectively.

«They are professionals who are available to society to meet its needs, acting within the principles of morality, impersonality, efficiency and legality. It is meritorious and has to be recognized», according to the mayor of Albufeira.

Albufeira was officially born on August 20, 1504, date that appears in the Charter signed by King D. Manuel I.